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Tips on Saving the Adoption Tax Credit

A very thoughtful person was nice enough to send this email to Everlasting Adoptions. We thought we would SHARE WITH YOU 🙂

Please read the email and visit this website.

I’ve started a Web site to share tips on how people can easily write to their representatives and senators to save the adoption tax credit. It also provides links to updates on the bills – I’ve started a Web site to share tips on how people can easily write to their representatives and senators to save the adoption tax credit. It also provides links to updates on the bills –

Click Here for Adoption Credit Tips

Military Adoption Benefits – Update From an Everlasting Adoptive Military Parent

Even if parents don’t file for that designation for the baby before the baby is born – the baby is automatically covered under Tricare (military health insurance) as soon as it is born. The military member has 60 days to put the child into the DEERS system – just as it does with a mother that has given birth. However, it is important to do it as soon as possible – especially to avoid confusion while awaiting adoption paperwork and finalization. Some bases are more aware of these rules than others and it may take a phone call, but bases are getting better as adoptions become more commonplace. The beauty is that it makes medical care immediate and seamless.


It’s a great thing because sometimes that child needs extras. In our case with Laura the military paid for her lab tests, etc. that she needed as a newborn in the hospital.

Congrats to Jason and Laurie

Hi Carol!!

Our dream has come true! We are with our son Josiah Caleb!! We are so excited to be here and to have him with us and it was truely truely an amazing weekend! Birthmom went into labor Friday the 29th and we flew here ASAP, but she had the baby before we arrived! We got to meet her family Friday night in the hospital. They are absolutely amazing! She kept him with her the whole weekend until Sunday, and Jason and I brought him back to hotel last night! He is so cute, and we are so in love! Although we are still waiting on ICPC to clear, we are being patient! It is not legal yet, but we feel good!

Please pray for this process to move quickly, and we hope to be going home this weekend! I will send pictures later when we have our own computer! I wish you were closer to here so we could meet. I think it is a 5 hour drive! I will keep u posted with things!

God Bless, Laurie

Military Adoption Benefits

If you are on active duty in the military, you are eligible for reimbursement of expenses up to $2,000 for the adoption of a single child and up to $5,000 per family per year. There is one caveat: The adoption must have been arranged through a source that is authorized by a State to provide adoption placements, if the adoption is supervised by a court under state or local law. Paid after the adoption is finalized, this benefit is not doubled if both parents are in the military.

Fees that can be reimbursed include agency fees, legal fees, placement fees, and medical expenses. Travel expenses were not originally covered when this program was introduced, but they may be covered now.

Military parents can exercise an option to have children that are placed with them covered by their military medical program even before the adoption is finalized. You should apply to the Secretary of your branch of the service for the child to be a “Secretary Designee.” If you have questions about this process, contact your commanding officer or The National Military Family Association at: (703) 931-6632.

Under the military’s Program for Persons with Disabilities, military parents may be eligible to receive up to $1,000 a month for disabled or special needs adopted children. The military also has a program called the Exceptional Family Member Program that will ensure that adoptive parents of special needs children are assigned to bases or duty stations that can meet the needs of the child.

Credits: Mary M. Strickert, 2004, “International Adoption Guidebook”

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