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Congrats to Jason and Laurie Posts

Hi Carol!!

Our dream has come true! We are with our son Josiah Caleb!! We are so excited to be here and to have him with us and it was truely truely an amazing weekend! Birthmom went into labor Friday the 29th and we flew here ASAP, but she had the baby before we arrived! We got to meet her family Friday night in the hospital. They are absolutely amazing! She kept him with her the whole weekend until Sunday, and Jason and I brought him back to hotel last night! He is so cute, and we are so in love! Although we are still waiting on ICPC to clear, we are being patient! It is not legal yet, but we feel good!

Please pray for this process to move quickly, and we hope to be going home this weekend! I will send pictures later when we have our own computer! I wish you were closer to here so we could meet. I think it is a 5 hour drive! I will keep u posted with things!

God Bless, Laurie