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Family Update – Twice Blessed Posts

Gennifer and William adopted both of their daughters through Everlasting Adoptions. Their oldest daughter, Atalie is 5 years old and Avalyn is 2 years old. Wow, time flies!

We know Gennifer and William have their hands full, that is why we were so happy to hear from them with an update on their beautiful family of four.

Family Update - Twice Blessed

“Hey! Sorry it has taken me long to respond. It’s been a busy few months figuring out school and work and all the things with Covid! We are well, busy as you know ha ha! Here’s a little update on the girls:

Atalie turned five in May and is in kindergarten. She is a cheerleader for the little football team at her school, she still loves worship, family, gymnastics and playing with friends! She is pretty much cheering 100% of the time. She is very smart and does well in school.

The little one Ava (Avalyn) turned two in February. She is busy, so sweet, loves to play and sing! She is a little more shy than Atalie, but is still very social! She is at home with me this year. She started gymnastics this semester and loves that, she loves going to church, loves family, and doing anything her big sister does! Oh yes, and they both love to go fishing! As you can imagine I have thousands more pictures, if you would like more I can send more when I get a chance.”

Family Update - Twice Blessed