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Military Adoption Benefits – Update From an Everlasting Adoptive Military Parent Posts

Even if parents don’t file for that designation for the baby before the baby is born – the baby is automatically covered under Tricare (military health insurance) as soon as it is born. The military member has 60 days to put the child into the DEERS system – just as it does with a mother that has given birth. However, it is important to do it as soon as possible – especially to avoid confusion while awaiting adoption paperwork and finalization. Some bases are more aware of these rules than others and it may take a phone call, but bases are getting better as adoptions become more commonplace. The beauty is that it makes medical care immediate and seamless.

It’s a great thing because sometimes that child needs extras. In our case with Laura the military paid for her lab tests, etc. that she needed as a newborn in the hospital.

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