Andrew & Dalton

My husband and I knew before we got married that we wanted to start a family and have kids. Once we did some growing up ourselves and traveling, we knew it was the right time to start our journey. We explored our options (surrogacy, fostering, and adoption) and decided that private adoption was the best fit for us.

It took us about 2.5 years from the time we scheduled our first Introduction Class to when our son, Gavin was born. The “process” is still ongoing and will hopefully end with a Final Adoption in January of 2021. Overall, the experience has its ups and downs. The ups were seeing our profile created and sent into the world and being matched with an incredibly kind and selfless birth mother who we will continue to have be part of our family. The cons are definitely the waiting (and we waited less than average) and the risk you run with putting yourselves out there. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We adopted a perfectly healthy and most adorable little boy who has changed our lives. From his full head of hair to his big feet and long toes – He is perfect!

Carol and her staff were incredibly helpful and available at what seemed like all hours to answer questions and provided input and best practices. Carol was available by text, phone, or email at all points during our journey and we appreciate what she has done for our family.

We would tell other families waiting to adopt to try and have PATIENCE- This is a long journey, but most journeys worth taking are the longest. Don’t be discouraged when you take a few wrong turns. HOPE – Know that what is meant to be is meant to be. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS – Know what you are getting into and trust your instincts about people.

Adam & Brooke

My husband and I signed on with Everlasting the summer of 2018. We were looking to grow our family and adoption was the only option we had. After speaking to Carol for the first time, we knew we had a home with Everlasting. Right away Kristina and the wonderful team got our profile up and running and our booklets out. In the beginning, we had a few failed matches but never gave up hope.

In November of 2019, a birth mother reached out to us and very quickly we got to know her. Incredibly she lived only 40 miles away from us and was due in March 2020. Things in our situation progressed very quickly and on March 5th, 2020 our son Rhett was born. Carol and her team were wonderful throughout the process after we were matched to assist us with any questions and any insecurities we would have. They helped us feel like we were safe and that things were progressing as they should. So yes, we recommend Everlasting, and if anyone has any questions they can contact us and would be glad to speak with you!

Larry & Tonya

We just adopted the most precious little baby boy! We started our adoption journey with Carol and her team almost a year ago, with the understanding that it could be 2 years or more before we were selected, and that we might not even be selected at all by a birth mother. We were nervous at times if we made the right decision, and sometimes wondered if we should have gone through an agency instead. The waiting and wondering definitely made it feel like much longer than a year. I feel like not only did Carol help prepare us for what might (or might not) happen, but she also showed care and compassion for our situation.

We were a last minute match with our son’s birth mother and Carol was very honest and forth coming as everything unfolded. She helped us get in touch with resources,and she even advised us to be cautiously optimistic since we didn’t have all the information in the beginning. That was hard to hear, but I appreciated that she wasn’t hyping us up for a let down. It all ended up being a fairy tale ending for us, though. Carol was truly engaged with the entire process start to finish. The thing that stood out the most to me was the phone calls and texts that came afterward, and how genuinely excited and happy for us Carol was and is for our family. We are so blessed to have made the right choices, starting with choosing Everlasting Adoptions, Inc!

Andy & Peyton

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Our journey with Everlasting began in December 2016 and from the very beginning Carol and her team were patient and responsive to our questions. It was about six months before our first introduction to a potential birth mother, but it ultimately wasn’t a match. The anxiety we felt after it not working out and what seemed like ages to that first match was put at ease by Carol and Lisa.

A few months later we were matched with the mother of the little one who would become our son. There were some difficult situations along the way and throughout Lisa and Carol assisted us with communicating with the birth mother and our attorney. In late March 2018, our son was born and I was there to cut the umbilical cord. We roomed in at the hospital for a few days until he was healthy and able to be discharged. The adoption was finalized a few days later.

We began to work with Everlasting in December 2016, our successful match was in September 2017 and our son was born in March 2018 with the adoption finalized a week later. Beginning with the decision to adopt all the way through the finalization, is an emotional journey and the support and compassion we experienced from the Everlasting team was fantastic. If we were to adopt again, and we are contemplating doing so, we would again use Everlasting without a second thought.

Christy & Adam

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We had gone through years of unexplained infertility and knew we always wanted to have a family. We chose adoption as the path to grow our family. Our adoption journey was unique. We began working with LDS Adoption Services and a few months later they got out of the adoption business. They recommended a few agencies and Everlasting Adoptions was one of them. We then started working with Everlasting and after several months, we were presented with an adoption opportunity through a friend. Everlasting was kind enough to put our contract on hold as we explored this connection. In 2014, we adopted our son John. About 18 months later, we felt ready to adopt again and took our contract off hold. Three years from our initial contract date with Everlasting, we welcomed our second son, Andrew into the world.

Our experience with Everlasting Adoptions was wonderful. Not only did they work with us to put our contract on hold but also had an amazing team that helped us every step of the way. Birth Mother Consultant, Lisa was especially amazing and helped answer the difficult questions. She constantly reassured us of the support we would receive no matter what decision we made when faced with the difficult decisions.

If we were to offer advice to other prospective adoptive parents, we would say that the process is worth the wait and do your best not to question yourself during the wait. Also, do your best to discuss each situation before it comes along. That way you have an idea what you might do should the situation arise.

Samantha & Jeremy

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Samantha and Jeremy came to Everlasting Adoptions after struggling with infertility for a few years. They had always felt as if their family was incomplete, so they turned to adoption. In March, only 10 months after signing on with Everlasting, they were connected with birth mom, Crystal. Four short months later, they welcomed their baby boy, Nathan into the world.

If they could offer one piece of advice to other adoptive couples, it would be that despite the stress you may be feeling, rest assured that Everlasting Adoptions will be by your side every step of the way. They were so wonderful, very helpful and empathetic.

Thank you Samantha and Jeremy for letting us be a part of your adoption journey and play such an important role in helping to complete your family.

Jessica & Jonathan

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When Jonathan and I first met, within the first week of talking we discussed the topic of adoption. We contacted Everlasting adoptions in October 2016. After speaking with Carol, we got a strong sense of love from her and we knew this was the right agency and decision. Our home study was completed in December and in late February we got a call from Lisa letting us know a birth mother was interested in us. We instantly connected with our birth mother and knew this was God’s plan. Throughout the next 5 1/2 months we talked daily and FaceTime twice a week and would drive up to visit her once a month. We were very blessed that she only lived a few hours away. Our adoption did have its ups and downs, but looking at our precious baby boy made it all worth it.

The staff at Everlasting Adoptions went above and beyond our expectations. Lisa is a true gem and was our rock during the many ups and down of our journey. She always made us feel like a priority no matter what day or time. Her constant words of encouragement and advice, guided us in times of need. Her passion for wanting to see through a successful adoption was very apparent. We felt as though she truly has a love for adoption and was with us every step of the way.

If you’re looking for an agency who does everything in their power to have a successful adoption and truly cares, then we encourage you to reach out to Everlasting Adoptions. Our dreams have become a reality because of the experienced loving staff members at this agency. It’s because of them we have such a beautiful son in our lives. A big thank you to everyone who contributed in our adoption journey. Words can’t express how thankful and happy we are!

Amber & Jeremy

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Jeremy and I had tried to grow our family biologically for 6 years with no success. We realized all we really wanted was to just be parents to our own little person; biology didn’t matter. Since none of our efforts worked, we began wondering if God had a different, extra special plan in mind for our lives involving the miracle of adoption instead. We of all people struggled with believing this was going to work for us. We doubted, we worried, we trusted God and we doubted again. On May 31st, our little blessing Canaan Reign was born only 8 months after signing on with Everlasting Adoptions!


Everlasting Adoptions was exactly what we needed in an agency. Being someone who needs a lot of support and encouragement during times like these, they were so amazingly equipped and empathetic throughout the entire process. We were pleasantly surprised many times by how compassionate and sweet they were. There were a few times I thought I shouldn’t bother them, but I took them up on the offer to “call for anything” and was so relieved I did. They speak truth and encouragement to you in a way that just works. Pay close attention to any negative reviews you may come across, as they seem completely one-sided. I had no doubts we were choosing the right agency after speaking with Carol. She is genuine and really gets the whole adoption roller coaster and is great at her job! Our birth mom even told us how respected she felt by Everlasting and how kind they were to her when all she’d experienced was judgement and criticism by other agencies.

Veronica & Carlos

165 120 veronicacarlos

We knew we wanted to start a family and infertility treatments did not guarantee that. Our goal was to be parents no matter how and we decided adoption was the right path for us. We are incredibly lucky that the process took us 10 months. Everyone at Everlasting Adoptions was awesome and our experience was great. We could text the Director, Carol at any time and she would respond quickly. Lisa, our Birth Mother Coordinator was our sounding board once we were connected to a birth mother. Our birth mother was unsure if she wanted to place her baby and Lisa was instrumental in calming us down and talking us through that stressful time. If we could offer other adoptive parents a word of advice, it would be to try and remain patient. When they say “it happens when you least expect it”, it is true! If you have doubts reach out to someone. It WILL happen, it is just a matter of WHEN it will happen.

Kirsten & Scott

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Kirsten and I had spent many years and tried many different methods to have children but were unsuccessful. After some soul searching, we decided to pursue adoption. We would be lying if we said 30 months of waiting were not frustrating and angst filled, but in the end the wait was worth the amazing end result, our daughter Tuesday Elise. We also were able to find solace in the Everlasting Adoptions staff who were always there to ease our frustration, or answer our questions, or to just reassure us that everything we were experiencing was normal.

Since so many of the staff members at Everlasting Adoptions were adoptive parents themselves, they were able to understand our frustration and stress. They were always available and responded so quickly to our calls and texts. They aided us in meeting the birth family and helped us find lawyers. They also facilitated the first few meetings between us and the birth family.

For all prospective adoptive parents out there, try and be patient and trust the staff at Everlasting Adoptions. Be prepared to experience a total range of emotions, maintain strong communication, and be totally honest with yourself and others. If adoption is the path you have chosen, it will be worth it in the end.