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Dear Birthparents Considering Adoption Posts

We are all adoptive Moms who work here, 24/7, and we honestly understand the difficult situation you are facing. We can help you decide on which option is best for you. We will never try to convince you either way.

We still talk to our own children’s birthparents and treat them with much respect and dignity. We realize they gave us the miracle of life!! ~~~~ There is no greater gift than that. ~~~~

IF you decide on an adoption plan, WE LET YOU SELECT THE PARENTS THAT YOU FEEL ARE RIGHT FOR YOUR BABY. We have many waiting families for you to chose from, and we can help you with your selection IF you would like us to help you.

PLEASE CONSIDER CONTACTING US TODAY by the method you are most comfortable with:

You can fill out an information form on line
Email us at carol@everlastingadoptions.com

Text Message Carol at 630-364-8361
CHAT ONLINE with us right NOW
or call toll free at 1-630-364-8361.

We guide you every step of the way, and we are so EASY to work with.

Get the help you need! Don’t wait. We are right here waiting to help you, 24/7!