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Happy Birthday Bliss!

We love getting updates from Everlasting families and were so thrilled to hear from Quinn and Scott. Beautiful Bliss turned 2 and we just know she had a blast celebrating. We love watching you grow and we hope you have a wonderful year a head!

Hello All,

We’ve been meaning to send an update, but it has been such a hectic summer! Definitely looking forward to cooler temperatures here in Ohio and the lull until the holidays. 🙂

Anyway, our Bliss celebrated her second birthday mid-July! She’s been spending loads of time hanging out with her twin besties at the park (#sandboxlife), continues to be crazy for any/all animals and starts soccer this month. She’s a bright, busy girl who keeps us on our toes. Currently, her other top interests are trains and dinosaurs, and Star Wars (especially Chewbacca) is still a favorite.

We’ve attached a couple photos; as you can see, she’s just the cutest kid and we love her with all of our hearts. Thank you so much for helping us make Bliss part of our family. She is our world. ️

Warmest regards,

Quinn & Scott

New Birth Announcement – Congratulations to Tracey

We are happy to announce another single parent placement that only took 10 months! Tracey joined the Everlasting Adoptions family in July 2017. Nine months later, on April 13, 2018, Tracey learned that there was a birthmother interested in her! After a few weeks of communicating with each other, Tracey was on her way to visit her birth mom, face-to-face. The visit went well; birth mother told her she wanted to move forward with her adoption plan and that she might deliver baby via cesarean as soon as June 4th. Wow! Awesome news for all and well worth the visit.

Tracey got a call on May 29th that Amanda was going to the hospital, right then, for a cesarean delivery. Tracey quickly took off to the hospital, so she could be there when baby was born. Luckily, Tracey lives in the same state as her birth mother. As we know, the adoption journey can be full of unexpected happenings. This was one of them and it turned out to be a false alarm!  Everyone went back home and waited for baby to make her earthly entrance.

Baby Nyla came two days later. She was born on May 31, 2018, and weighed 6 lbs 13 oz.  She is the sweetest baby who loves to be held and enjoys kisses on her cheeks. Tracey is ecstatic to welcome Nyla to her family. She looks forward to the two of them making lifelong memories and sharing unending happiness. We are also so grateful to Nyla’s birthmother for her selfless act of love. We wish you all the best of what is ahead!

New Birth Announcement – Congratulations to Renee

In August of 2017, Renee made the decision to pursue adoption for a 2nd time through Everlasting Adoptions. We absolutely love when we can help build families through the miracle of adoption more than once with returning parents!! Just 10 months after joining us for the 2nd time, on June 21, 2017, Renee was informed about a birthmother interested in learning more about her.

Since Renee was no stranger to the adoption process, she immediately started to develop a relationship with her birthmother, and her birthmother’s family members. It was a bit shaky in the beginning, as a lot of these situations can be, but on July 27, 2018, Renee became the mother to her second child, baby boy, Jackson.  He was welcomed home with open arms only 11 months after Renee joined Everlasting again.  We are grateful to have been able to offer her support and guidance throughout her adoption journey.

We wish Renee, Jackson, and big sister, Isabella the best of luck.

Nontraditional Family Adoptions

If you were asked to define “family”, how would you answer? A mom, dad and their children? Two dads or two moms? A single mom? According to a 2016 United States Census Bureau report, 31% of American families do not consist of the “traditional” two parent household. Of those nontraditional households, 23% are children living with a single mother. Even though the demographic is relatively small, according to data obtained from The Williams Institute, roughly 1.4% of two parent households were made up of same sex couples, in 2016.

Simply put, many children biological or otherwise are raised in what would be considered nontraditional family structures.

More and more children are being adopted into these nontraditional households. Thirty years ago, adoption outside of an opposite sex, married couple household was almost unheard of. Today, because of great strides made in civil rights and gender equality, our ideas on who can and should adopt have dramatically changed. Some interesting statistics collected by the writers at Good Housekeeping may surprise you.

  • 40% of adopted children are of a different race, culture, or ethnicity than one or both their adoptive parents.
  • Of same-sex couples raising children, 19% have at least one adopted child.
  • It is estimated that approximately 25% of special needs adoption and 5% of total adoptions are attributed to single parents.
  • Single parent and same sex adoption are legal in all 50 states.

At Everlasting Adoptions, we believe a family is defined by LOVE and have successfully placed many single parent, same sex and multiracial families. In fact, 31% of our placements in the last 18 months have been with single mothers and same sex couples!

New Birth Announcement – Congratulations to Gennifer & William

Gennifer and William chose to work with Everlasting Adoptions for a 2nd time, after we helped place them in only 7 months with their daughter, Atalie back in 2015. We were thrilled to welcome them back and help them through their adoption journey again. What a short journey that ended up being, when they brought home another baby girl in only 4 months!

Beautiful, baby girl Avalyn Elise was born on February 25, 2018 at 10:42pm weighing 7.4 pounds and 19.5 inches long. It was truly a whirlwind of events to welcome Avalyn to their family. Atalie is a doting big sister and is so excited to have a sibling. We are forever grateful to birth mother, Hayley and her selfless act of love. Congratulations to your beautiful and blessed family!

Sawyer is 3!!

We can’t believe that it has almost been three years since Matt and Avril adopted Sawyer. Everlasting Adoptions helped them complete their family and give their daughter, Chloe a sibling back in 2015. We were so happy to hear from them to see how Sawyer had grown. We hope that every year to come is filled with the love and joy the past three have brought.

“Hi Carol, it’s Avril and Matt. Just wanted to send you some pics. Sawyer will be 3 in September. He loves his sister, Chloe!!  So hard to believe. We will alway be grateful to you and your company!!”

William and Ashley Share Their Story

When William and Ashley joined Everlasting Adoptions in May 2017, they had already been down a rough road on their adoption journey. Seven and a half months later they were connected with their birth mom and a few weeks later their son, Cassius was born. William and Ashley reached out to thank us shortly after their adoption was finalized.

“Since our experiences to adopt, up to the time of contacting your agency, had not been good at all, it was a welcome relief to have someone in our corner working with us to complete our family. If we can ever be of any help as a contact reference for your agency, we would be more than happy to do so. Thank you and all of your staff for making our dream come true with the adoption of our son Cassius. He is now 6 months and thriving but we wouldn’t be able to call him ours without you wonderful women.”

Thank you William and Ashley for putting your faith in us to take you the rest of the way on your adoption journey. We are so very thrilled we were able to lead you to your birth mother and son!

A Special Thank You From Andy and Peyton

As a gay couple, Andy and Peyton had always dreamed about being parents and felt adoption was the most logical choice. They desired to provide a life for a child that their birth parents could not. They welcomed their sweet, baby boy only 15 months after joining Everlasting Adoptions. They shared their positive experience working alongside Everlasting Adoptions throughout every step of the process and offer some advice for other prospective adoptive parents.

“The staff at Everlasting Adoptions was communicative and supportive throughout the process. From our anxiety at no matches or interest in our profile for the initial few months, to a couple of selections that were just not a match, to the final selection which ultimately became a successful adoption, Carol and her team listened to our concerns, helped answer our questions and provided advice when we were not sure of how to proceed. We appreciated the attorney recommendation with someone they had worked with in the past and in the end could not have been more delighted that the entire process worked out to be a success. If we were to adopt again, and we are contemplating doing so, we would again use Everlasting Adoptions without a second thought.

Patience is critical and becomes challenging at times when working with birth parents who want a better life for their child, but are struggling with the emotions of doing so. Don’t rush into the first (or any) possible match as it is so exciting to be chosen that the questions or red flags get overlooked. Ask questions and most of all enjoy the journey.”

Andy and Peyton felt the support and compassion they received from the Everlasting team was fantastic. Thank you Andy and Peyton for trusting in us to accompany you on this journey and we would love to help you continue to grow your family in the future.

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