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We love getting updates from Everlasting families and were so thrilled to hear from Quinn and Scott. Beautiful Bliss turned 2 and we just know she had a blast celebrating. We love watching you grow and we hope you have a wonderful year a head!

Hello All,

We’ve been meaning to send an update, but it has been such a hectic summer! Definitely looking forward to cooler temperatures here in Ohio and the lull until the holidays. 🙂

Anyway, our Bliss celebrated her second birthday mid-July! She’s been spending loads of time hanging out with her twin besties at the park (#sandboxlife), continues to be crazy for any/all animals and starts soccer this month. She’s a bright, busy girl who keeps us on our toes. Currently, her other top interests are trains and dinosaurs, and Star Wars (especially Chewbacca) is still a favorite.

We’ve attached a couple photos; as you can see, she’s just the cutest kid and we love her with all of our hearts. Thank you so much for helping us make Bliss part of our family. She is our world. ️

Warmest regards,

Quinn & Scott

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