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William and Ashley Share Their Story

When William and Ashley joined Everlasting Adoptions in May 2017, they had already been down a rough road on their adoption journey. Seven and a half months later they were connected with their birth mom and a few weeks later their son, Cassius was born. William and Ashley reached out to thank us shortly after their adoption was finalized.

“Since our experiences to adopt, up to the time of contacting your agency, had not been good at all, it was a welcome relief to have someone in our corner working with us to complete our family. If we can ever be of any help as a contact reference for your agency, we would be more than happy to do so. Thank you and all of your staff for making our dream come true with the adoption of our son Cassius. He is now 6 months and thriving but we wouldn’t be able to call him ours without you wonderful women.”

Thank you William and Ashley for putting your faith in us to take you the rest of the way on your adoption journey. We are so very thrilled we were able to lead you to your birth mother and son!

A Special Thank You From Andy and Peyton

As a gay couple, Andy and Peyton had always dreamed about being parents and felt adoption was the most logical choice. They desired to provide a life for a child that their birth parents could not. They welcomed their sweet, baby boy only 15 months after joining Everlasting Adoptions. They shared their positive experience working alongside Everlasting Adoptions throughout every step of the process and offer some advice for other prospective adoptive parents.

“The staff at Everlasting Adoptions was communicative and supportive throughout the process. From our anxiety at no matches or interest in our profile for the initial few months, to a couple of selections that were just not a match, to the final selection which ultimately became a successful adoption, Carol and her team listened to our concerns, helped answer our questions and provided advice when we were not sure of how to proceed. We appreciated the attorney recommendation with someone they had worked with in the past and in the end could not have been more delighted that the entire process worked out to be a success. If we were to adopt again, and we are contemplating doing so, we would again use Everlasting Adoptions without a second thought.

Patience is critical and becomes challenging at times when working with birth parents who want a better life for their child, but are struggling with the emotions of doing so. Don’t rush into the first (or any) possible match as it is so exciting to be chosen that the questions or red flags get overlooked. Ask questions and most of all enjoy the journey.”

Andy and Peyton felt the support and compassion they received from the Everlasting team was fantastic. Thank you Andy and Peyton for trusting in us to accompany you on this journey and we would love to help you continue to grow your family in the future.

Our Unique Adoption Success Story

We had gone through years of unexplained infertility and knew we always wanted to have a family. We chose adoption as the path to grow our family. Our adoption journey was unique. We began working with LDS Adoption Services and a few months later they got out of the adoption business. They recommended a few agencies and Everlasting Adoptions was one of them. We then started working with Everlasting and after several months, we were presented with an adoption opportunity through a friend. Everlasting worked with us to put our contract on hold as we explored this connection. In 2014, we adopted our son, John. About 18 months later, we felt ready to adopt again and took our contract off hold. Three years from our initial contract date with Everlasting, we welcomed our second son, Andrew into the world.

Our experience with Everlasting Adoptions was wonderful. Not only did they work with us to put our contract on hold, but also had an amazing team that helped us every step of the way. Birth Mother Consultant, Lisa was especially amazing and helped answer the difficult questions. She constantly reassured us of the support we would receive no matter what decision we made when faced with difficult choices.

If we were to offer advice to other prospective adoptive parents, we would say that the process is worth the wait and do your best not to question yourself during the wait. Also, try to discuss each situation before it comes along. That way you have an idea what you might do should the situation arise.

A Quick Note of Thanks from Samantha and Jeremy

Samantha and Jeremy came to Everlasting Adoptions after struggling with infertility for a few years. They had always felt as if their family was incomplete, so they turned to adoption. In March, only 10 months after signing on with Everlasting, they were connected with birth mom, Crystal. Four short months later, they welcomed their baby boy, Nathan into the world.

If they could offer one piece of advice to other adoptive couples, it would be that despite the stress you may be feeling, rest assured that Everlasting Adoptions will be by your side every step of the way. They were so wonderful, very helpful and empathetic.

Thank you Samantha and Jeremy for letting us be a part of your adoption journey and play such an important role in helping to complete your family.

Thank You From Jessica and Jonathan

When Jonathan and I first met, within the first week of talking we discussed the topic of adoption. We contacted Everlasting adoptions in October 2016. After speaking with Carol, we got a strong sense of love from her and we knew this was the right agency and decision. Our home study was completed in December and in late February we got a call from Lisa letting us know a birth mother was interested in us. We instantly connected with our birth mother and knew this was God’s plan. Throughout the next 5 1/2 months we talked daily and FaceTime twice a week and would drive up to visit her once a month. We were very blessed that she only lived a few hours away. Our adoption did have its ups and downs, but looking at our precious baby boy made it all worth it.

The staff at Everlasting Adoptions went above and beyond our expectations. Lisa is a true gem and was our rock during the many ups and down of our journey. She always made us feel like a priority no matter what day or time. Her constant words of encouragement and advice, guided us in times of need. Her passion for wanting to see through a successful adoption was very apparent. We felt as though she truly has a love for adoption and was with us every step of the way.

If you’re looking for an agency who does everything in their power to have a successful adoption and truly cares, then we encourage you to reach out to Everlasting Adoptions. Our dreams have become a reality because of the experienced loving staff members at this agency. It’s because of them we have such a beautiful son in our lives. A big thank you to everyone who contributed in our adoption journey. Words can’t express how thankful and happy we are!

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