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William and Ashley Share Their Story Posts

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When William and Ashley joined Everlasting Adoptions in May 2017, they had already been down a rough road on their adoption journey. Seven and a half months later they were connected with their birth mom and a few weeks later their son, Cassius was born. William and Ashley reached out to thank us shortly after their adoption was finalized.

“Since our experiences to adopt, up to the time of contacting your agency, had not been good at all, it was a welcome relief to have someone in our corner working with us to complete our family. If we can ever be of any help as a contact reference for your agency, we would be more than happy to do so. Thank you and all of your staff for making our dream come true with the adoption of our son Cassius. He is now 6 months and thriving but we wouldn’t be able to call him ours without you wonderful women.”

Thank you William and Ashley for putting your faith in us to take you the rest of the way on your adoption journey. We are so very thrilled we were able to lead you to your birth mother and son!