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A Special Thank You From Andy and Peyton Posts

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As a gay couple, Andy and Peyton had always dreamed about being parents and felt adoption was the most logical choice. They desired to provide a life for a child that their birth parents could not. They welcomed their sweet, baby boy only 15 months after joining Everlasting Adoptions. They shared their positive experience working alongside Everlasting Adoptions throughout every step of the process and offer some advice for other prospective adoptive parents.

“The staff at Everlasting Adoptions was communicative and supportive throughout the process. From our anxiety at no matches or interest in our profile for the initial few months, to a couple of selections that were just not a match, to the final selection which ultimately became a successful adoption, Carol and her team listened to our concerns, helped answer our questions and provided advice when we were not sure of how to proceed. We appreciated the attorney recommendation with someone they had worked with in the past and in the end could not have been more delighted that the entire process worked out to be a success. If we were to adopt again, and we are contemplating doing so, we would again use Everlasting Adoptions without a second thought.

Patience is critical and becomes challenging at times when working with birth parents who want a better life for their child, but are struggling with the emotions of doing so. Don’t rush into the first (or any) possible match as it is so exciting to be chosen that the questions or red flags get overlooked. Ask questions and most of all enjoy the journey.”

Andy and Peyton felt the support and compassion they received from the Everlasting team was fantastic. Thank you Andy and Peyton for trusting in us to accompany you on this journey and we would love to help you continue to grow your family in the future.

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