Jackie & Dave

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Just wanted to thank you again for your help in matching us with our birthmother. Casey is 7 months old already and the happiest, sweetest baby ever! We definitely will be back when we want to adopt again. Thank you so much, Jackie, Dave & Casey

Jodie & Andrew

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With this short note we would like to send a huge thank you for everything you have done for us. You are wonderful people who do awesome work! We hope to work with you again in the future since you have guided us to two wonderful Everlasting babies. Thank you again. God Bless, Jodie & Andrew

Beth & Matt

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Words cannot express what it means to be unable to have children when you really want them, but Everlasting Adoptions was our salvation. After years of infertility treatments we decided adoption was the answer for us. But after doing some adoption research we thought adoption might not be possible for us. But after finding you, we really believed we would be parents one day. It has been awhile since our first meeting and we now have two beautiful children to share our lives with. What more can we say except thank you! Beth & Matt

T & C

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We have always believed that God places angels in our lives at the right time and for a special reason. All of you are angels from above. The passion, love, and professionalism provided during our adoption process was truly a blessing. Your work is a ministry, and you have truly been a gift to so many people. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We pray that God continues to bless you and the families you unite. Love, T, C, and D

Tami & Julian

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I just started working with Everlasting Adoptions, and have had the best experience so far!! They are ALWAYS available and I mean ALWAYS available for whatever I have needed! They are all so very caring and kind-hearted, and I couldn’t have asked for a better agency to be working with!!! Wouldn’t want this adoption experience with any other agency!!! Tami and Julian

Brant & Tracy

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Words can not express what an amazing company Everlasting Adoptions is! We started our adoption process May of 2009 and we were matched with a birthmom in July of 2009 and then had our beautiful baby boy October 2009. The process was so easy because of Carol and her crew. I can still remember the first conversation I had with Carol. She explained how her company works and stated that she was there for us anytime of the day through email or phone. She wasn’t kidding.She answered every single question we had along the way. She made the adoption process so smooth and she was an amazing support to us. She took time out of her personal life to help us connect with our birthmother. Carol and her crew deserve so much recognition for what they do. They go way above and beyond what any agency would do.Are agencies open on weekends?? NO. But, Everlasting Adoptions is! Carol cares and shares the excitement with you, and she does a great job of helping you through the entire adoption. We have been so pleased that we have told many people about this company, and I believe that a few couples have contacted Carol already.You will not regret doing your adoption with Everlasting Adoptions. When we decide to adopt again, it will most definitely be with Everlasting Adoptions.Carol and her company will always hold a special place in our heart.

Sincerely, Brant and Tracy

Ryan & Jami

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It’s a surreal thing writing my own thank you letter. I remember just last year when a child of our own seemed like this distant unreachable dream. We searched through numerous adoption sites looking to find the “right one” and read these very letters. We were actually already in the process of signing up with a large national company, then we talked to Carol and knew we were switching. She was so easy to talk to, cry to, and tell all my “crazy” adopting mom fears. I didn’t know at the beginning of our journey just how much I would appreciate working with people who have adopted themselves. They get it like others can’t. You held my hand through it when I needed you and let me be a control freak when I needed to. This is why we will come back to you and adopt again. I sometimes look at my precious baby girl and can’t believe she’s real. Then she starts to cry and I have a diaper to change and Ryan’s hurrying to fix a bottle– and in this chaos I smile because I realize we are finally a family. For this I thank you. For the look on our parents’ faces each time they see her, for Christmas morning, for dance class and soccer practice, even for those few years when she’s a teenager and she totally hates me because I am her mother, I thank you. I am a mother. Ryan is a father. Wow! What an incredible journey you have started us on. With all our love, Ryan, Jami, and Stella

Mark & Dawn

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Carol and the wonderful staff at Everlasting adoptions helped us adopt a beautiful baby girl in just 7 months! Adoption can be a difficult journey and Carol helps you through every step. She is always there to answer any questions you may have at any time. Everlasting adoptions does a great job matching you with a birth mother that “fits”, and makes sure that the situation is right for everyone involved. We had a great experience with Everlasting Adoptions and would recommend them to anyone. Mark and Dawn