Ray & Katrina

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What do you say to someone who rallied so hard to make your dream come true? Thank you doesn’t seem like enough! Carol, you were there every step of the way, day or night. When I was discouraged & wanted to give up, you encouraged me to keep up the journey, and now as I look at my beautiful baby boy I am reminded of everything you did for us. You were our angel through all of this. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our everlasting baby:)

John & Roberta

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John and I wanted to express our gratitude for your professional, nurturing, and caring help in matching us with our birthmother, and subsequently our son, Ezra John Edmisten. You all were helpful and understanding through every step of the process from application to profile, to birthmother contacts to lawyers, and paperwork! We are very much enjoying being parents of our newborn, and count him as one of the greatest blessing of our lives. We had such a positive experience with this adoption, that we are definitely planning to use your services again when we begin the process to hopefully adopt a newborn girl! As a first time mother of a newborn, I can honestly say there is no more special feeling than holding my son in my arms, and for helping God answer our prayers, John and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Love, John and Roberta


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I went with Everlasting Adoptions and am very pleased with the service and the results….. a beautiful baby girl!! Less than a year ago, I was a single professional woman in her late 30’s, really wanting to adopt an infant before I felt too old and tired to raise her! I looked at several agencies, but I have been told that they can take many years and some that I looked at wouldn’t consider a single person. I really appreciate the professionalism of the staff at Everlasting Adoptions. They were there for me every step of the way. They know how to support both the adoptive parents and the birthmoms through the ups and downs of adoption. And as I hold my beautiful, healthy 3 week old daughter, I can’t say thank you too many times! Heidi

Jeff & Beckee

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Here’s a picture of our baby Landon! He’s perfect in every way! He only kept us up for about 2 hours last night! Good eater and sleeper….pretty good at pooping too 😉 He was able to come home with us last night because they said he was ready 🙂 All Colleen had to do was sign a form that discharged him in our care. Meeting up with her in a few hours to sign the “official” papers. No worries here…she’s doing very well and is so happy her baby girl is home. She said life is good…I agree, life is wonderful. Carol, thank you so much for giving us this opportunity. Everlasting Adoptions is truly a blessing to our family! Thank you so much! Jeff, Beckee, and Baby Landon

Barb & Jim

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I would love to thank you for all you have done to serve our birth mother and ourselves by listing everything you did for us ?. except that since our daughter was born my memory of the past has faded and has since been filled with new memories. There is not a moment in a day that we are not overjoyed by our little girl, who is already six months old. We often reflect on how Everlasting handled the adoption and the sensitive way your team supported everyone involved in the process. One memory that will also stay with me is when our birth mom and I were talking after the birth about how we found each other. We agreed that you, Carol, made it all possible by listening, understanding and providing guidance when needed. If it wasn?t for you, we both would?ve missed this wonderful opportunity. Thank you for being you. Barb and Jim

Liz & Kevan

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We are writing with the most heartfelt thanks for all you have done for us during our adoption journey. Words cannot describe what an amazing experience this has been. Our sweet baby girl, Phoebe, is so beautiful and perfect and more than we could have ever dreamed of. Our birthmother is such a wonderful person and will forever be in our hearts. The day Phoebe was born she was so brave and selfless. To say that she is strong does not even begin to describe the kind of woman that she is. We fell in love twice the day that our baby was born. Kevan and I tell everyone we are an “adoptive family”. We have developed a fantastic relationship with Phoebe’s birthmother and feel so lucky to have been matched with and chosen by her. Thank you for all of your guidance, effort and commitment. We felt we were in good hands every step of the way. Phoebe is now 6 months old, and with each day she brings a new sense of joy and purpose. Life is good. Much love, Liz and Kevan

Shelly & Eric

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Thanks so much to all of you at Everlasting Adoptions. You treated us like family throughout this emotional process. We appreciate everything you have done for us and for helping us find this beautiful baby. He has already, in a few hours, brought so much joy to our lives. We are forever grateful! Shelly & Eric

David & Erika

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We can’t thank you enough for assisting us with the adoption of our beautiful little girl! It was so nice to work with professionals who have been there and done that! No one can quite understand the roller-coaster of emotions experienced during the adoptive process like those who have been through it themselves! Your staff is wonderful, caring and compassionate. Any questions or problems that arose during the process were quickly addressed, and Carol was extremely helpful and thoughtful. We are now the proud parents of two beautiful little girls! Life doesn’t get much better than this! David, Erika, Addi and Olivia

Jackie & Dave

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Just wanted to thank you again for your help in matching us with our birthmother. Casey is 7 months old already and the happiest, sweetest baby ever! We definitely will be back when we want to adopt again. Thank you so much, Jackie, Dave & Casey

Jodie & Andrew

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With this short note we would like to send a huge thank you for everything you have done for us. You are wonderful people who do awesome work! We hope to work with you again in the future since you have guided us to two wonderful Everlasting babies. Thank you again. God Bless, Jodie & Andrew