Kelly & Darren Success Stories

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Everlasting Adoptions was an amazing tool that led us to the daughter we longed for. We contacted Carol about signing up with Everlasting Adoptions, and she was so patient with all our questions and endless phone calls. Through Everlasting Adoptions we were available to birth moms searching for adoptive parents for their babies. Carol was always there for us, guiding and protecting us. Occasionally, adoption agencies would contact Carol asking if any adoptive parents were interested in birth mother scenarios they had available. We decided to answer one of those scenarios which led us to meeting the birth parents of our daughter, Ava. We are thankful that God put Everlasting Adoptions into our path on the journey to our precious baby girl! Our daughter is now 16 months old and is the princess of the family. Her three big brothers spoil her, protect her and love on her; it’s so touching to see how they’ve embraced her! We would recommended Everlasting Adoptions to anyone looking to experience the beautiful journey of adoption.
Kelly & Darren
Darren, Kelly, Ethan, Seth, Aidan and Ava