James & Ronda Success Stories

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From the time we were dating, we both agreed that we wanted to have children. About a year after we were married, we learned that we would not be able to conceive. I was devastated, but James continued to be strong and kept a positive attitude for me. At that very moment, we both agreed that adoption would be the best thing for us.

Our adoption journey began about 22 months ago. We gathered information and researched several adoption agencies, but we both decided to try Everlasting Adoptions, and we’re so glad we did. The whole Everlasting team, especially Ceal, were very supportive, encouraging, and very patient. Ceal worked very hard to find us matches but with lots of prayer and patience, God made a way for us to be matched with a very special young lady, the birthmother of our little “Angel”. We’ve had a journey full of ups and downs. One of our matches actually let us hear, over the phone, the baby being born. We rushed to get there, stayed with the baby overnight in the hospital, but when it was time for us to leave, with the baby, she changed her mind. With another match, we arrived in town, and went to the hospital, only to be told that she was not registered there. We couldn’t contact her, so we went home. A day later, the birthmother contacted us and told us to come get the baby. We, once again, booked our flight, and rushed to get there. We met the attorney at the hospital, but the birthmother never showed up. We contacted the birthfather, only to find out the he had changed his mind. So, once again, we packed up and went home. Both times, we were devastated. It had gotten to the point where I went into each match expecting NOT to adopt, expecting for the birthmother to change her mind at the last minute, and through it all, Ceal was ALWAYS there with some encouraging words. There were times when I told my husband I just didn’t want to do this anymore. My husband, along with Ceal, encouraged me not to give up. I decided to try ‘one more time’. We were matched with a birthmother who was having twins. We were shocked, but still excited and trying to prepare for two babies instead of one. The birthmother delivered early, but never contacted us. I was pretty much through with everything, but received a call from Ceal, the day before Thanksgiving, with the match that changed our lives. I truly believe that God’s plan was for us to be matched with this particular birthmother. We didn’t know each other long, but we were a blessing to each other from the first time we spoke on the phone.

I prayed to God for a Christmas miracle, and what a miracle he blessed us with! We now have our daughter and words cannot express how happy and blessed we are. So to the waiting families, please don’t give up and make sure you ask GOD to take control and lead you to the “perfect match”. Our adoption counselor, Ceal, and the Everlasting Adoption staff, “THANK YOU” is just not enough, for everything you’ve done for us. Ceal was not only our adoption counselor, she has become a lifetime friend and “auntie”!! Without Ceal, and the staff, none of this would be happening. Our experience, with Everlasting Adoptions, is one we’ll never forget. Everlasting Adoptions made our dreams come true, by helping us grow our ‘family’. If I had to rate Everlasting on a scale from 1 to 10, my vote would definitely be a 10!!!

James & Ronda