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Throwing an Adoption Baby Shower

In a traditional world, baby showers are thrown for women and couples who are pregnant with their first child. Some even go on to have a shower for every child they carry. For those of us who are growing a family through infant adoption, wondering whether or not a baby shower is an appropriate gesture may have crossed your mind. The answer is – ABSOLUTELY. At Everlasting Adoptions, we believe that no matter how motherhood comes to you, it’s a miracle. So why not share that miracle with family and friends with a baby shower to prepare for the arrival of your child?

We do, however, have one large suggestion: hold the shower after the adoption is finalized and the baby is home. We recommend this because the entire adoption process can be unpredictable with possible delays. The exact due date is first and foremost unpredictable, and the amount of time the baby spends in the hospital varies case to case. Ultimately, planning the shower after the baby is with the parents ensures overall success for everyone involved – and the bundle of joy gets to be involved in the festivities!

Whether you’re hosting a shower for yourself or a friend or family is planning a shower for you, here are some tips for a successful adoption baby shower.


Along with holding the shower after the baby is successfully at home with Mom and Dad, the same is suggested for sending out the invitations. This gives the family some time to settle in and get in the swing of things with their new baby. Give guests about 3-5 weeks notice, and include the birth date of the baby on invitations so guests can purchase age appropriate clothing and gifts. Of course, include the child’s name on the invitations and a picture if available. Also – make sure to use appropriate wording on the invitations so all guests know this baby entered the family through adoption.


At any type of shower, games are a fun and interactive way to get guests smiling, laughing and having a good time. They are also a great way to celebrate the arrival of a new child. Since this is an adoption baby shower, traditional games such as “Guess How Big Mom’s Tummy Is” don’t apply. There are plenty of unique adoption baby shower games out there, such as Nursery Rhyme Jeopardy, Baby Shower Bingo, or Name that Nursery Rhyme! If you’re feeling spunky, create your own game all together!


Adoptive parents need just as much love and support as do birth parents. Friends and family can show them that love and support through the gifts they give. Guests are encouraged to find out as much as they can about the couple’s or individual’s adoption journey and, of course, the child and look for a gift that will truly mean something to them. Since the shower will be held a few weeks or months after the baby is placed with the parents, it is likely that the essentials will already be accounted for, such as pacifiers, diapers and formula. When giving a gift at an adoption baby shower, think age appropriate and meaningful.

The addition of a child to a family, be it by birth, or adoption is a special and wonderful event and one that should be celebrated. A baby shower for adopting parents is so meaningful for them and such a help! Any parents would be thrilled to have the love and support of family and friends at this exciting time of their lives.