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Hi! We are Sara and Mike.

We cannot express enough how awesome and wonderful Everlasting Adoptions has been in our journey to becoming parents. We
are blessed with our Hudson, born on December 19, 2013. He is so beautiful and precious (and a good sleeper) that sometimes I still
have to pinch myself to make sure this is all real.

Our journey began 2 years ago when I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. We knew immediately that instead of postponing treatment to
harvest eggs, our path to having a baby would be through adoption. I was adopted myself, as was my cousin, so adoption was always going to be
part of our plan; we just thought we would be able to have a biological child, as well. The decision for us to adopt was easy, finding the right agency or person to put our hopes and dreams in? Well… after finding Everlasting Adoptions, that was easy as well.

We interviewed with several other nationwide agencies and/or facilitators. They made use feel like a number, like they had this checklist, and it was very obvious to us that we were just means to an end to them. Then we talked to Carol Shepherd. She emailed us back immediately, talked to us over the phone, and in the end, made choosing Everlasting very simple. I had a feeling after hanging up the phone with Carol that Everlasting would help us find our baby.

Sheila Neuman was amazing as well. She answered every email, and there were many, and returned every phone call, and there were many. She was supportive and kind and always had patience. She constantly assured us that a match would be coming. We signed on in January 2013, went live in April 2013 and were matched in September 2013. I remember speaking to Ceal Shapiro for the first time and she asked “Its a boy, do you want him?” YES was the answer! Ceal was wonderful, working with our birthmother and her mother, as well as checking in with us regularly and helping us stay calm during the entire process.

Before we knew it, December was upon us and we flew to meet our son. We were open to all forms of adoption: open, semi-open and closed. Our wonderful birthmother chose semi-open, and we will be always grateful for her. She gave us our son. She handed Hudson to me and said “You are a mommy.” He is just perfect and wonderful, and because of this brave woman and Everlasting Adoptions, we are a family. I am a mother and Mike is an amazing father. Within 12 months, we became parents, and it is due to Everlasting.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Thank you Carol, Sheila and Ceal. Thank you.


Sara and Mike
Sara & Mike

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