Ryan & Jami Success Stories

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It’s a surreal thing writing my own thank you letter. I remember just last year when a child of our own seemed like this distant unreachable dream. We searched through numerous adoption sites looking to find the “right one” and read these very letters. We were actually already in the process of signing up with a large national company, then we talked to Carol and knew we were switching. She was so easy to talk to, cry to, and tell all my “crazy” adopting mom fears. I didn’t know at the beginning of our journey just how much I would appreciate working with people who have adopted themselves. They get it like others can’t. You held my hand through it when I needed you and let me be a control freak when I needed to. This is why we will come back to you and adopt again. I sometimes look at my precious baby girl and can’t believe she’s real. Then she starts to cry and I have a diaper to change and Ryan’s hurrying to fix a bottle– and in this chaos I smile because I realize we are finally a family. For this I thank you. For the look on our parents’ faces each time they see her, for Christmas morning, for dance class and soccer practice, even for those few years when she’s a teenager and she totally hates me because I am her mother, I thank you. I am a mother. Ryan is a father. Wow! What an incredible journey you have started us on. With all our love, Ryan, Jami, and Stella

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