Ruth & Andrew Success Stories

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Our adoption journey to our precious Evelyn Noel was not an easy one, but oh-so-worth it in the end! The process through Everlasting took us about 14 months to be matched and Carol guided us patiently the whole way. Beyond matching us with an amazing birth mom, she was our cheerleader, coach and adviser all wrapped up into one! We were so very grateful for everything she did for us. She was available to us 24/7 and she was so very personal and friendly. We could tell this was not just a job for her, it is her passion and calling and it shows!

The advice I would give other adoptive couples is to never stop believing that miracles happen and never lose hope. A miracle ended up happening in our story. We have two older daughters 7 and 8 years old. We were wanting more children but had been trying to conceive again since our 7 year old was two and were told we had fertility issues and probably would not be able to conceive again. We were hoping and praying for twins to adopt the whole time we were in the adoption journey. Well, about 2 months before we were matched with a birth mom, we found out we were expecting! Then a birth mom contacted us and really wanted our family for her little girl even though we were expecting as well, and so our dream twins came true! Our little boy, Seth Andrew, ended up being born just 2 weeks before his “little” sister Evelyn Noel. Our family is perfectly complete now and we are loving our “twins”.

Ruth & Andrew

We feel so blessed, and full. God is good and we are so very grateful to the staff at Everlasting Adoptions for being a huge part of our story!

With all our love, Ruth & Andrew