Randy & Shauna Success Stories

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As we sit here in our home, with our beautiful newborn baby girl happily cooing in our arms, we are simply overwhelmed with gratitude and joy. It’s been like this ever since we brought her home from the hospital two weeks ago. When she occasionally cries to tell us she is hungry or needs a fresh diaper, she smiles. When she stretches and strains with regular digestive processes, she smiles. Oftentimes, when she is in the midst of deep deep sleep, she smiles. Basically, she is always smiling – and so are we.

Early on in our adoption quest, when we had our first home study visit, the gentleman who did it told us “if you really truly want to adopt a baby, you will adopt a baby”. He went on to tell us that, like with anything that anyone wants, we just needed to entirely commit ourselves to making this dream become a reality. Since that initial visit, we did completely commit every aspect of ourselves to the quest, and he was right, we have now adopted our baby, wow.

The biggest commitment that we made in order to get connected to the most amazing birthmother we could have ever dreamed up was contracting with Everlasting Adoptions. For us, we know this was by far the best decision we made. When we had our first couple of conversations with Carol Shepherd, she emphasized that if we’d see it through, we’d have the best chances of a connection and ultimately an adoption. To us, what this meant was that we needed to be patient, give them the entire 24 months to try to work for us and for our goal of adopting, and not to ‘rush’ such an important thing in any kind of way. Although our official waiting time is listed as 36 months, we really feel that it was more a 24 month waiting period, as we were somewhat slow to get our home study and profile materials done. Lucky for us, Everlasting Adoptions allowed us to extend our contract, until we got the connection of our dreams. We also had another connection, from which we learned so much and are grateful to have had. I joked with Carol at one point that we would probably be their longest ever waiting couple, but now when I look at it, I think we actually are. Our baby girl is way more than worth any waiting time…it gave us a chance to be fully prepared and to entirely enjoy every moment we have been blessed to have with her already…since getting this connection, nothing has been rushed, or stressed, or difficult…quite the opposite…it has unfolded more beautifully than anything else in our lives ever has.

To close, we’d like to wish any readers who are trying to adopt the very best of fortune. We give Everlasting Adoptions all the credit for our adoption success, knowing they really were the only logical option for us. We hope you can feel the same as soon as it is “meant to be” for you … whether it is just a day or week away for you, or an entire 35 more months, it will be the best thing ever. Good luck!