Nikita & Kevin Success Stories

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We decided on Everlasting Adoptions after doing some research on the internet. We already had a failed adoption and some failed fertility treatments, so we were both really skeptical, but after making the decision to go with Everlasting Adoptions and having our first phone conversation with Carol, we were hooked. Carol was so caring and thoughtful. She knew exactly what we were thinking and what our fears were. She was so easy to talk to and always returned our calls and e-mails quickly. The process (although it seemed like a like a life time) was only 9 months from signing up and going “live” with Everlasting until we got the call that our little man was on his way. We were notified by Everlasting Adoptions in April that a birthmother was having a little boy in June, and that we had been matched. From then it was preparing for his arrival and getting to finally do all of that fun baby shopping! The staff was so helpful throughout the whole process and helped us to find the attorney’s and everything we were looking for. I knew that I could call at any time with my questions and concerns, and they would always try their best to help me get through my fears and questions.

I would highly rate Everlasting Adoptions and would recommend that any prospective adoptive parent to give them a call! You will be highly satisfied!