Mickey & Andy Success Stories

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We were matched with a birthmother in just 5 months; however, her decision to parent left us facing a sad reality…Do we press on, or do we give up on our adoption plan????

Carol stayed optimistic and supportive during our indecision; she is an EXCELLENT sounding board and VERY professional. Most importantly Carol and her team became exactly what we needed and more. They are an advertising agency for you! But they are also a guardian over your fears and a protector of your dreams for parenthood.

We were successfully matched again 5 months later!!!

So in 10 months we touched on every emotion imaginable, but Carol made the goal of adoption foreseeable.
Lots of Prayer, Lots of Hope…our son Ryan was born July 7th, and we brought him home 5 days later.

Thank you Carol and the Everlasting Adoption Team

100% Confidential