Megan & Kenton Success Stories

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Our journey to parenthood wasn’t quick or easy, but it was Everlasting Adoptions that connected us to an amazing birthmother, and ultimately to our precious baby girl. We always knew that we wanted to adopt, but planned to have our own children first. After seven years and many fertility appointments later, it became clear that adoption would become our avenue toward achieving our dream of parenthood.

After much research into various agencies and services, I contacted Everlasting adoptions and had a lovely conversation with Carol. As an adoptive parent herself, she truly understood the apprehension with beginning this process. She assured us that our feelings were normal, and patiently answered all of our (many) questions.

After the completion of our profile, we had two connections in the first six months. This was so exciting, but they both fell through for different reasons that were out of our hands. I mention this because Carol, Ceal, and the Everlasting team were completely professional, caring, and empathic during those very difficult setbacks. They allowed us to heal at our own pace and move forward with their gentle encouragement when we were ready. We picked ourselves up and decided that the third connection would have to be the charm, and it was.

Our ultimate connection with our birthmother was different, better, than we’d imagined in every way. To be honest, we started the process thinking that we wanted as little contact with the birthmother as possible, simply out of the fear of the unknown of such a relationship. Our view was changed for the better when we got to know this phenomenal young woman. Her strength and dynamic personality were contagious. She shared our fears of the other party changing their minds after the commitment. We all learned together that we just had to have faith, and that we were going to be a team, the bond of which would last forever.

Since the arrival of our beautiful daughter, we have been blessed with the feelings of complete joy and love, and again want to thank the Everlasting team for all of their work in producing this connection. If you are considering giving the gift of life to a waiting family, or adopting a newborn into your family, please know that there is much love out there, and that it is truly an incredible team effort that results in lifetime bonds.

Megan & Kenton