Marc & Maggie Success Stories

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Choosing adoption was the most fulfilling life decision we have ever made. After 5 years of unsuccessful pregnancy attempts, we decided to contact Everlasting Adoptions at last. We were welcomed by Carol, and from then on, it was “full speed ahead.” As soon as we went “live” in February, we were contacted by our birthmother in July, and by October 28th, we welcomed the birth of our daughter Mila Gabrielle!

Our birthmom was absolutely incredible. She was very adamant about the fact that we immediately bond with Mila. So, this meant I participated in the delivery and was able to cut the cord!! Mila held on to my finger and locked eyes with me shortly thereafter–just as our birthmother had hoped for. Our experience was amazing and, again, our birthmother was an angel. We knew it was a good fit from the start, and we had a strong feeling that this was meant to be. The process was not as intimidating as we thought. We were walked through every little process, and when we had questions, our liaison, Ceal, was very patient in answering all of them.

Our entire journey was a whirlwind! Sometimes when we hear her cooing or crying, its unbelievable that she is truly ours. What a wonderful way to celebrate this coming holiday season. We could have chosen other adoptions agencies and/or alternative options, but Everlasting Adoption was our right choice in helping complete our family.

Thank you!!!

With all our love,
Marc, Maggie, and Mila Weiss

Marc & Maggie