Katie & Merrick Success Stories

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We had always talked about adopting when we had completed our biological family, but the more we talked about it, the more we thought, “why not START our family with adoption?” The process took about 17 months, and although the wait was excruciating, it was really encouraging to hear from Sheila and Ceal from Everlasting. Once we were matched, Ceal was diligent in checking in with us AND our birth mom, making sure everything was moving forward smoothly. There were moments of uncertainty and complication, but the Everlasting staff was extremely encouraging and helpful. We had a wonderful experience with Everlasting and will likely use them again in the future! Once we had our little one in our arms, Ceal sent congratulations and a kiss from “Auntie” Ceal! One piece of advice we would offer prospective adoptive parents is try not to obsess over the wait (easier said than done). Live your life in the meantime – vacation, travel, date your spouse, etc. And most importantly, DON’T LOSE FAITH that your little one WILL make it to you at the right time!

Katie and Merrick

Katie & Merrick