Jim & Theresa Success Stories

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It has always been our dream to have a family of our own. After three miscarriages, Jim and I decided to adopt. We talked to family, friends and another couple going through the adoption process themselves. After researching our options we made the decision to go with Everlasting Adoptions.

The process was long and stressful. We didn’t talk much about the wait, because it was painful. Then after two years, Jim and I were matched to our birth mom two days before our contract was up. Before we were matched, we had come to the conclusion that our dream may not come true or we would have to look at other options. When Ceal called, the extreme excitement and joy we experienced was beyond description. The staff at Everlasting had recommended Jim and me to the birth mom after she struggled to make a decision. From that point on it has been the best days of our lives. Our daughter, Abby, has been with us for over four months now and we have finalized the adoption! We couldn’t imagine life without her.

To the families that our waiting to adopt or checking out their options, we think they should definitely consider Everlasting Adoptions. They were kind, understanding and quick to answer any questions we had. Also, be patient! They say things happen for a reason, we definitely are believers of that now!

Jim & Theresa