Jamie & Chris Success Stories

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Our adoption story started many many years ago when we both knew we could never conceive on our own. After several surgeries and then a hysterectomy by age 30, we knew that adoption was the only way we would be able to have a baby. Before we signed on with Everlasting Adoptions, we were foster parents and blessed with the opportunity to adopt our two sons, who are now 10 and 8. We wanted more than anything to have a little girl and our sons wanted a little sister, so we did a lot of research and took a chance with Everlasting.

I will be honest; the process took a lot longer than I thought, over two years. It was stressful and made us anxious at times, but now that Desirae is here, it’s so hard to remember that it took so long or was stressful. She was so worth the wait! The connection we have with our birth mother is amazing! We are just a few hours from each other so we were able to attend sonogram appointments and even weekly Dr’s appointments. After meeting and connecting with our birth mother, we never gave the length of time we waited a second thought!

The process at Everlasting was easy. Shelia was extremely helpful anytime we had a question regarding our profile or needed a change and Ceal, bless her heart, has the most patience of anyone I have ever met! Carol was also extremely helpful with our match and made sure we had a smooth connection with our birth mother and helped answer a dozen or more questions we had. When they say they are there for you at all hours, they mean it!

Jamie & Chris

Our advice to waiting families: The wait may seem long, and it can be at times, just breath. You just haven’t met the right birth mother yet. You’ll know when you do!

Desirae is 6 weeks old and just beautiful! She is just perfect! Our boys absolutely adore their baby sister and she is already the center of their universe 🙂

Jamie & Chris