Gennifer & William Success Stories

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We always wanted to adopt and after years of failed infertility we decided it was time 🙂 Our lives are now complete!!

We started everything in November of 2014, connected with the birth mother on May 12th and had a baby on May 29th!! We adopted in 6 months! The process can feel scary and like an eternity, but the end is so worth it. Did not think we would be ones who would adopt so quickly, but we got the call that she was due and chose us and we just said yes, whatever it takes 🙂 What a blessing!

Sheila and Ceal helped direct us to the resources we needed for the different steps of the process along the way to keep things moving smoothly. From day 1 everybody was very responsive and helpful and it was obvious that they take a personal interest in their clients. I cried with Ceal, she prayed for me 🙂 It’s a much more beautiful connection with Everlasting Adoptions than I would imagine it would be with any other agency. To the very end Ceal kept up with what was going on with me and shared in my joy when we adopted our baby girl!!

It seems at times like this will never happen and honestly that was the way I felt about it as well off and on. What an emotional roller coaster. But now, every disappointment, every heart break, every frustration we’ve ever felt and endured no longer matters <3 We have a beautiful baby girl, Atalie LeAnn, and we couldn’t be happier! It can happen for anyone!!

I’d give them a 9 out of 10. In the beginning we had some issues with getting our home study to them and miscommunication from that, but immediately after that resolved the rest of our experience was great!! Ceal connected us to someone she felt would be a great fit, even though some of our requirements/wishes didn’t match. Thank God she did and we were flexible or we wouldn’t be parents yet. 🙂 They are GREAT at what they do.

We have had so much pain and heart ache along the way, had we gone with anyone else I can’t imagine if they could have come close to the compassion that Everlasting Adoptions staff has shown. The fact that they are a smaller organization and only take so many people at a time shows they are committed to those they help with adoption. I also learned so much by completing some of the steps ourselves along the way and feel like we are better for it! When we adopt again in the future, we will definitely go through Everlasting!