Erric & Keisha Success Stories

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Thank you all for sharing this beautiful, life-changing journey with us. Our experience with Everlasting Adoptions has been so wonderful. We were matched a few times in the 7 months after we went live with Everlasting, which was a pleasant surprise since it can take years to be matched once through a traditional agency! The team at Everlasting was always so prompt and courteous when answering questions, returning calls, or emails. We thank you for your support and professionalism.

Our birthmother and her family were more than we could’ve ever hoped for. Our birthmother was funny, strong, and resilient! Her strength was so motivational to every person she touched at the hospital. She played no games, and she was confident in her decision before she reached the hospital. I’m sure the staff at Everlasting Adoptions helped to prepare her for the emotional rollercoaster ride of the impending adoption. Her family was equally supportive and the most honest and down to earth people we’ve ever met. Our birthmother and her family were educated and prepped by Everlasting, for the hospital adoption experience. Because of this, the hospital staff was well informed, welcoming, and equally supportive of the adoption. It was truly a match made in heaven!

Our new addition has brought so much joy to our lives. She’s filled so many empty spaces. It seems, we were waiting for her all along.

Thank you for helping us to find the perfect match in our birthmother! Thank you for helping to answer the prayers of our son, by finding him a little sister! Thank you for helping us to find our princess!

No measure of words could ever express our love and gratitude to everyone who was involved in our adoption, but we thank you again, and again, and again..

With Love,

Eric, Keisha, and E.J.