Darin & Stacey Success Stories

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This is for those of you considering the journey of adoption. Darin and I knew we wanted to have children from the moment we met. We started trying to build our family right when we were married. After years of trying, and after every procedure possible, we decided to build our family through the miracle of adoption. I started researching online and requested information from numerous companies. I talked on the phone to 5 different organizations and knew immediately that Everlasting Adoptions was the choice for us! Carol was so warm and explained everything in detail. She went over the joy and hurdles you can experience throughout the process. We were matched within 6 short months, and unfortunately experienced the worst case scenario with our baby girl. After being in our home for a short time, the birthmother changed her mind. We were court ordered to return her. Please understand that is not something that occurs very often at all. Our attorney handling our case said it was the first time in his 25 years of doing adoptions.

We never thought we would be able to try the adoption process again. Luckily our love for each other healed us, and we decided to contact Carol again. She was so amazing! Carol told us she would be thrilled to help us with our journey again. She was so caring and compassionate. We were matched with our next birthmother in only 7 short months. Carol was there for us the entire time. She would email and call often to touch base and make sure everything was going as planned. After being matched, we were blessed to welcome our son Carsen to our family in 4 short months. Carsen is a miracle! We are so thankful to his birthmother for her courage and strength. He brings us so much joy and happiness. Once Carsen joined our family, we were sure he was going to be our only child. I will be honest, the process is stressful, and we did not think we would have the strength to go through it again. When Carsen was almost 2, we decided he should have a sibling to grow up with. This is one of the greatest decisions we ever made! We knew immediately that we would contact Everlasting Adoptions to help us find Carsen a brother or sister.

When we contacted Everlasting Adoptions to sign up, Carol again was amazing! She was thrilled to have us join their family yet one more time! We were surprised to hear Everlasting Adoptions had expanded and added additional staff. I will be honest, I was concerned to deal with someone other than Carol because she had been so compassionate and patient with me. I didn’t know if anyone could measure up. That is when I was introduced to Jenna! Jenna is equally as amazing! In 6 short months we were matched with another birthmother again. This experience was PERFECT. We spoke daily and built a beautiful relationship with one another. Our son was born 4 months after we were matched. Jenna was there every step of the way. She even took my call on a weekend when I was feeling a little nervous about the process. She calmed me, and made me feel wonderful. When our son was born, she called and texted all day to keep us posted and let us know how excited she was. She, too, was AMAZING!

Lucas completes our family. We have two amazing, beautiful, healthy, perfect sons! All of this due to Everlasting Adoptions!

I would recommend them hands down to anyone looking to start the journey of adopting! They have an amazing staff and work very hard to match couples with birthmothers quickly.

Thank you Everlasting Adoptions!!!