Christine & Jocksan Success Stories

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After having our fertility tested and going one round of hormones, we decided that going the medical route to have a baby was not for us. We both wanted to be parents, and in our heart it did not matter about biology.

We met with a lawyer who was recommended to us from a family friend. She was/is fabulous and spent a lot of time with us. We loved that she was an adoptive mother herself. We began the home study process as well as marketing our website on several adoption sites. We were not getting any birthmothers contacting us and time was ticking by. We interviewed several agencies and facilitators and made a decision that for us a facilitator was the way to go. We selected Everlasting Adoptions!

Carol was awesome from the start – she gave us many references of parents who had used Everlasting’s services, before we signed on with them, and to this day, I keep in touch with one of the mothers. I emailed a lot in the beginning, and Carol and her team always responded very quickly. When our birthmother started to communicate with us directly, the Everlasting team was there offering support for a full day of emailing back and forth with the birthmother. We all had some reservations about the birthmother, and the team at Everlasting expressed concern, but also encouraged me to follow my heart – I really loved how they were right there but gave me space to listen to what was feeling right for us. As a result, we have a beautiful baby girl who is now one month old.

I would choose a facilitator from the start and not to wait to “see” if a birthmother finds you. Everlasting Adoptions was exactly what we needed!

If we decide we want another baby, we will not hesitate to contact Everlasting Adoptions again.

Christine & Jocksan