Andy & Peyton Success Stories

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Our journey with Everlasting began in December 2016 and from the very beginning Carol and her team were patient and responsive to our questions. It was about six months before our first introduction to a potential birth mother, but it ultimately wasn’t a match. The anxiety we felt after it not working out and what seemed like ages to that first match was put at ease by Carol and Lisa.

A few months later we were matched with the mother of the little one who would become our son. There were some difficult situations along the way and throughout Lisa and Carol assisted us with communicating with the birth mother and our attorney. In late March 2018, our son was born and I was there to cut the umbilical cord. We roomed in at the hospital for a few days until he was healthy and able to be discharged. The adoption was finalized a few days later.

We began to work with Everlasting in December 2016, our successful match was in September 2017 and our son was born in March 2018 with the adoption finalized a week later. Beginning with the decision to adopt all the way through the finalization, is an emotional journey and the support and compassion we experienced from the Everlasting team was fantastic. If we were to adopt again, and we are contemplating doing so, we would again use Everlasting without a second thought.