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NEW BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT – Congratulations to Scott and Quinn Posts

Perseverance, Patience and Prayer ~~ is what made Scott and Quinn’s dream come true. They started their journey with Everlasting in August of 2013. The baby girl that was meant to be theirs, Bliss Agnes Elena, changed their lives forever on July, 14, 2016. Yes, it was a challenging journey where some situations turned to disappointment, but all good things come to those who wait! Scott and Quinn were introduced to their birthmother, Raquel, when they first started talking on April 4, 2016. They quickly felt the positive energy in this relationship. Quinn and Raquel were in contact several times each day. Sometimes having serious conversations, or lots of silly joking around. They became very fond of one another. Raquel sent photos and updates, asked questions about their future thoughts and plans, occasionally expressed sadness but also resolve. Raquel understood that she really couldn’t keep her baby in her current circumstances. Scott and Quinn gave Raquel space when she needed it as well as support to examine and work through her feelings as the occurred. Raquel’s OBGYN advised that she should be scheduled for a c-section, and on July 14, 2015, baby Bliss came into this world and changed everyone’s life. She was 19” and 7lbs 5 oz. Congratulations and Blessings to All! We are grateful to Raquel for making such a courageous decision!