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New Birth Announcement – Congratulations to Lisa and Bill Posts

Never give up! That is Lisa and Bill’s advice to all prospective adoptive parents. Bill and Lisa first joined our family in January of 2014, but after 2 short months, Lisa became pregnant. We agreed to put their contract on hold for a period of time, until they might be ready to adopt again. Lisa and Bill had one biological son already, and had high hopes that this pregnancy would bring them the baby sister they all so badly wanted. But, as life goes, Lisa and Bill gave birth to beautiful baby boy. This past Christmas Eve, they called Everlasting Adoptions to ask if their contract could become active again. They were going to reach for the stars to find the baby girl that they just knew was waiting for them. So, we began marketing them again, and. . . . . . . . . . . . A little over 3 months later, baby Mila fell into their arms. We are so grateful to both birthparents for making the greatest sacrifice ever; giving Mila life! They called us on March 29th, told us they were viewing our website and had selected Lisa and Bill, and they were having a GIRL 🙂 Mila was born on April 10, 2016! That was fast. Some miracles take forever, and some happen fast, but one thing we know for sure….miracles do happen! Their little baby girl has finally found them! Congratulations and Blessings to All.