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New Birth Announcement – Congratulations to Kristin Posts

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Kristin is the true definition of perseverance and hope! She encountered a long journey with a few failed attempts to successfully adopt, but she never gave up. Kristin’s dream of becoming a parent finally came true in the month of May. Her situation was unique. Baby Michael was born in October of 2015. His birthparents tried their hardest to be the very best parents they could for him, but the struggle was overwhelming. After 6 months of trying to parent, they turned to adoption as the best option, and the rest leads to a beautiful ending where Kristin was selected to parent baby Michael. Congratulations to Kristin after a long, challenging journey to achieve her dream. Her dedication and perseverance to becoming a parent are commendable! We are so thankful to the sacrifice that Michael’s birthparents made for him. It was a courageous act to say the least. Kristin, we wish you much love, laughter and joy as you spend the rest of of your life with Michael! Thank you all for the uncomparable reward the staff at Everlasting Adoptions receives and feels every time a placement happens. New Birth Announcement - Congratulations to Kristin