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New Birth Announcement – Congratulations to Kourtney and Joseph Posts

Kourtney and Joe came to Everlasting Adoptions mid December of 2014. They were ready to start their journey through adoption. On June 24, 2016, their dream came through! Their wait of 18 months was not easy, but, of course, so worth it. Here is what they told us: Our baby was born on the 24th of June, making him about a week early. We had to change flights and get there ASAP. Delivery went well, and we were holding him within 9 hours of birth. Birthparents allowed us to keep him with us in hospital where we had our own room. It was an awesome experience! We have named him Mikaiah Jude (Mi-ki-ah), and he is perfect and healthy. Birthparents both signed all paperwork, and we will be finalizing the adoption on September 1st. We were in Louisiana for about 10 days, and when we got back, we had a ton of things to do for our post-placement and doctor visits. Every things is great, and we are so excited to have this little guy in our family. We are truly thankful for what you guys did and all the help you were to us. I’ll send a picture to you soon. The staff at Everlasting is grateful to both the birthparents and adoptive parents. We thank the birthparents for making the most difficult and painful decision. We thank them for giving their baby life! We thank Kourtney and Joe for allowing us to assist them in their adoption journey! Congratulations and Blessings to All!