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New Birth Announcement – Congratulations to Jessica and Reggie Posts

Call it serendipity, call it coincidence, call it Faith! Regardless of what you call it, we say WOW!!! What a surprise phone call Jessica and Reggie got from Everlasting on that special day in January when they were driving in to town to celebrate Reggie’s birthday. Little did we know, our phone call to him, would be the best birthday present he would ever get in his life; the gift of his newborn son! It all happened within one week! From the moment of my phone call to Jessica and Reggie, to the time they took him home, we all had the feeling that this was an absolute, meant-to-be miracle. We want to give an extra special thank you and express our sincere gratitude for the difficult and courageous choice that the birthparents made for their son. He was born in November, and they tried very hard to do the best they could for their baby. But, for two long months, their struggles became overwhelming, and the universe unfolded as it should. They called Everlasting Adoptions to learn about adoption. One week later, Jessica and Reggie met them, fell in love, and adopted their baby. And, our job is done. The rewards for all of us are comparable to none 🙂 Thank you all for allowing us to experience this miracle right along with you!