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Mindy & Melissa’s Family is Complete Posts

Congratulations to Mindy and Melissa who successfully adopted their son and daughter through foster care! They were part of the Everlasting family and were matched with a potential birthmother after only 1 month, but ultimately were blessed with the opportunity to foster to adopt. We love to share success stories like this. The adoption journey has so many different paths and we love when families become complete no matter which path was taken to get there.

“Dear Carol,

I hope you’re doing well. A few things. First, we have officially been matched with BOTH of our foster babies for adoption, so we no longer want to be on hold. We feel our family is complete!! We would recommend you to anyone looking to adopt–we appreciate how fast a potential birth mom found us, and your letting us put our application on hold until we found out what was happening with our foster babies.  I’ve included a pic of their cute little faces, just because I can. :)”