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Merry Christmas Eve from the Staff at Everlasting Adoptions Posts

Christmas! 1 day left.

This time of year is so special BUT it can be so painful and challenging for all those traveling on a journey through adoption–BOTH Birthparents AND Adoptive parents. The Staff at Everlasting Adoptions is praying that God gives all of our Waiting Families and Birthparents the strength and courage they need to get through this Holiday Season along with a sense of knowing that everything happens for a reason. We pray that they never lose HOPE.

With extreme gratitude, we thank all of our Past Waiting Families and Birthparents who have experienced a Placement through Everlasting Adoptions. We thank them for the Confidence, Trust and Faith they placed in us. We thank them for diving into a Fear of the Unknown and taking a huge leap of Faith. At Everlasting Adoptions, our belief is that God uses our staff as his instruments to carry through His Will. We feel, it is only through His Divine Intervention that You have experienced the miracle of adoption. This is what we believe, but we are not here to judge in any way, and we will never turn anyone away because of their religious beliefs or non-religious beliefs. We are all equal and we believe in the dignity of every human being.

To all of those out there reading this, whether you believe in a Higher Power or not, please listen to that soft whisper you may be hearing. Perhaps it is meant to be that you are being guided down the road of adoption in some way. Please consider learning more about the services that Everlasting Adoptions provides. We are a professional staff of adoptive moms, and we will be right here waiting for you, 24/7.

Wishing you the experience of Peace and Contentment in Your life along with all of the Struggles and the Joys it brings with it!

Happy Holidays!
Carol Shepherd-Director