Little Angels from Jami and Ryan Posts

Jami and Ryan went down the road of adoption not once but twice with Everlasting. We couldn’t feel more joy and couldn’t feel more proud than to share the life this beautiful couple has provided for these two angels. They are so adorable; melt your heart. As we still keep in touch, no matter how busy or how many days go by, here is an update from Jami and Ryan. We can’t thank you enough for sharing your joy with us. What a miracle they are! Look at our how these angels are growing. Hope they light up your holiday and put a smile on your face. They sure did ours! *************************** Just wanted to drop a quick hello and wish you a happy holiday season. Our Everlasting Angels are getting huge! They couldn’t be more perfect! Our birthmoms seem to be doing well. I’ve spoken to both of them in the last week or so. Hope you and your family and staff are all having lovely holidays! Warmest wishes, Jami and Ryan