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Everlasting Adoptions Celebrates National Adoption Month Posts

November is National Adoption Month! In honor of this special time, the staff at Everlasting Adoptions would like to give out a big THANK YOU to all of our patient adoptive families and courageous birthmothers. You truly make this world a better place, and we are so grateful for each and every one of you.

National Adoption Month is a time to focus on love, hope and family. As it has been in the past and always will be in the future, the focus of November is finding loving, permanent homes for children in need, and offering support and safety for young women facing an unplanned pregnancy. Everlasting Adoption strives to do both, and is proud of the families we have brought together through this delicate process.

Whether you have adopted or hope to adopt in the future, adoption is something to celebrate. Light a candle, make a toast, or simply spend time with your family. However you choose celebrate, your appreciation, support and awareness of infant adoption means the world to us.

How will YOU celebrate National Adoption Month?

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