Everlasting Adoptions Celebrates Halloween Posts

Halloween is such a fun holiday! It’s especially a favorite among our children. After all, what could be better than disguising yourself as your favorite super hero and getting enough candy to last you until New Year’s? Not only is it great for kids, but Halloween brings back a nostalgic feeling for us parents, too. Let’s savor the magic with these fun Halloween activities for parents and kids alike!

Halloween Party:

There’s nothing like getting a bunch of kids together to dress up, bob for apples and celebrate! Coordinate a fabulous Halloween party for your kiddos by asking guests to arrive dressed as their favorite fictional characters (or whatever they please!). Make sure to have games and crafts in store such as pumpkin carving, mummy wraps (with toilet paper, of course), scavenger hunts or a costume parade.


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Get Cooking:

With Halloween comes an assortment of fun recipes. Your kids will love to eat them, but also love help preparing them! Some of our favorites are dirt cups, monster cupcakes, witch’s fingers, mummy dogs and deviled eyeballs. These treats can be made from some everyday household food items, along with a few that require a trip to the market. If you haven’t got a recipe, here’s what we recommend:

Mummy Wrap Race:

Bring on the toilet paper! You’re going to need lots of it for this ghoulish game. For this game you will need:

  • Several rolls of toilet paper
  • At least 4 players (1 wrapper and 1 model per team)
  • Tape


When you say “go” the wrappers race to wrap their model with an entire roll of toilet paper. The first team to finish wrapping and seal it with tape is the winner.

These are just a few ideas on how to celebrate Halloween with your kids this year. If you have any “must do” activities, please share!

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