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Budgeting for Adoption Posts

Adopting a baby is a joyous and life changing miracle. Not only are you opening your heart and home to a beautiful child, you are allowing a young woman a second chance to fulfill her life goals. With that said, adopting a baby comes with a financial commitment. As adoptive parents, it’s important to know what you need to budget for and how it fits into your current and future lifestyle.


There are a variety of marketing and advertising avenues available in the adoption world should you choose to further your birthmother outreach. Google ads, newspaper ads or independent adoptive parent profile websites all charge varying amounts. If you’re planning to use different marketing techniques, make sure to set aside some extra funds in your adoption budget.


Every adoptive family needs to complete an adoption homestudy. Costs vary between social workers, but typically run anywhere from $700 and $3,000. Everlasting Adoptions will connect you with social workers in our network to complete this process.


Like adoption social workers, Everlasting Adoptions will put you in touch with adoption attorneys in your area. Ask for an estimate of fees and factor this in to your adoption budget. Some lawyers charge by the hour while others will offer a flat fee. While a flat fee may seem appealing, you may actually end up paying more than you would at an hourly rate – depending on how quickly your adoption is complete.

Birthmother Expenses:

Many of our adoptive families assist the birthmother with a variety of expenses. These include but are not limited to living expenses, medical expenses, maternity clothes, food, transportation and rent. It is difficult to budget for birthmother expenses because no situation is alike. Find out what your birthmother needs financial assistance with and create a payment schedule to include in your birthmother expenses budget.


Travel and hotel costs often accompany domestic infant adoptions. Your birthmother may be in a different state that requires traveling for the birth of your baby. Likewise, you could also be traveling during her pregnancy to accompany her to doctor’s visits or just to get to know her better. Factor in extended stays. Once the baby is born there is a waiting period while the birthparents sign consent forms.

Meeting Your Child:


It’s no secret that adoption requires a financial investment. But there are ways to budget properly to make this life changing experience possible. Everlasting Adoptions looks forward to helping you reach your goal of growing your family through infant adoption.