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Blanca, Travis and Tianna’s Adoption Journey Party Posts

We love to receive updates like this from former Everlasting families. What a special way to celebrate your beautiful family with an “Adoption Journey” party. Thank you Blanca and Travis for sharing!
Good Morning to you wonderful ladies.
Hope all is well on your end! It’s been a while since I sent an update on our precious girl Tianna. She’s growing up so incredibly fast it’s hard to believe she’ll be 3 in July! On Saturday we threw an “Adoption Journey” Party that celebrated the day we finalized the adoption 2 years ago today (3/20/17). Our closest friends and family came to share in our joy, they’ve been a big part of our journey from the first day we wanted to adopt. As Tianna gets older we want to show her how positive adoption is, what unconditional love and support is really about.
We started the party with a small ceremony where family and friends got up and said a few words of how blessed we are to have her, how much she’s changed our lives. We know as she gets older she will have plenty of questions she might not feel comfortable asking us. So we asked three of our closest friends to stand with her and accept to be fully be a part of her adoption journey and promise to always be honest with her about the adoption, and to help keep the tradition of the “Adoption Journey” Celebration going.
Tianna is so full of personality and very outgoing, there’s so much light that shines from her. She’s definitely daddy’s little princess and mommy’s best friend. She’s already in an early pre-school where she is learning so much and interacting with kids her own age. She absolutely is fascinated by horses and the Grinch. She still doesn’t grasp jingle bells and Santa Claus is coming to town are Christmas Carols but if she wants to be in the Christmas spirit all year long better believe we are singing with her. We truly believe we have the Best Kid Ever, she’s so funny, loving and caring and warms your heart with just a small smile.
As always thank you for helping to make our family complete. You truly make dreams a reality and we are forever grateful!