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Birthmother Shares Her Everlasting ExperienceI would recommend Everlasting Adoptions to anyone looking into adoption as a birth mom or adoptive parent. The staff is incredibly understanding and very helpful through the adoption process. At the beginning of my experience with Everlasting Adoptions I was 4 months pregnant and was just calling around to see what adoption was all about and exploring options. After my first conversation with them, I was told about their online waiting list where you can view profiles of awaiting parents. I immediately explored their website and read through several profiles until I came across Stephanie and Joeys’. Shortly after I reached out to Carol at Everlasting Adoptions, told her I wanted to get to know this couple and very soon after, Stephanie and I were talking via text. I remember the first time I received Stephanie’s text message I was unbelievably nervous. I thought, “This is crazy. What do I say? What if i say too much? “What if it doesn’t work out? What if it does?” but Stephanie and I hit it off very quickly. I was nervous because I had never met anyone online before so I had no idea what to expect, but they were above and beyond what I had read about them on their profile. I was ecstatic the more I got to know them, their life, and their story. I actually didn’t intend to become as close as we were by the time they traveled to my state to meet me in person. I thought perhaps a closed adoption would be a better option and was expecting it to be a difficult experience. However it quickly became the highlight of my day talking to Stephanie and found myself just as excited as she was for Mary Clara to arrive. It was wonderful. Mary Clara’s delivery date arrived and it might as well have been a fairy tale. It was so beautiful. When I handed Mary over to Stephanie in the delivery room for the first time, it was an extraordinary moment. The look on her face holding her baby girl for the very first time was amazing and I just felt so blessed to have been able to be a part of it.