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I am so grateful that I found Everlasting Adoptions when I did. I am a single mother of three beautiful girls. When I found out I was pregnant, I thought I was happy about it. I was having some minor complications in the beginning of my pregnancy, and needed to be on light duty for a couple of weeks. They would not accommodate me, and then, when my doctor released me with no restrictions, they still would not let me back. So for 9 weeks, I had gone through what little savings I had just to make ends meet. My ex took me to my appointment, and was telling me that I had some serious thinking to do. I had no job, no money, almost lost my apartment, I was getting disconnect notices in the mail, my life had changed so quickly. When I came home I started looking for adoption agencies online. I called Ceal, and I was crying. I knew what I had to do was only for the best. I got contact right away with the adoptive parents. They came up for my first U/S, and I knew right away that they were going to be the perfect couple for my little boy.

After the months had gone by, I always kept Ceal and the adoptive parents updated with everything that was going on with my pregnancy. I had him on March 3rd, and it was a scheduled c-section 3 weeks early due to complications towards the end of my pregnancy. He was healthy and no problems. I did spend everyday with Austin, and I wanted the adoptive parents to as well.

When the day came to sign everything, I knew it was going to be hard, but I had to do what is best for everyone that was involved in the situation. I know I will always be his mother, but he is going to be much better off with his new family. To see their faces was just priceless. I gave them a gift of life. I am happy that I was able to do that. Christi and Sean are the most wonderful, happy married couple I have ever met in my entire life. Christi told me “You know I love you like a sister, a sister from another mother, and we will always love you and be connected, You can’t shake us =)” that made me cry, but they were happy tears =)

To this day, I do keep in contact with them, and they tell me what is going on with Austin. I get pictures and videos almost everyday. He is getting so big. I am happy with the decision I have made.

Thanks to all that were involved. Christi and Sean are going to be great parents for little Austin, I am thankful and will always have the most respect and love for them.

Love you all, Jo

P.S. I made them a little video for them and they loved it =)