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Birthmother Andrea Shares Her Story Posts

Thank you, Andrea, for sharing your adoption story with the Everlasting community. Your courage continues to inspire us and so many others!

“Becoming pregnant is easy but taking care of a child is a job. Unprepared of becoming a mother, I then looked at my options. I decided to give my child up for adoption. It was the best thing to do; I would know that my child will be with caring and loving people. I had so much help throughout the whole process from Everlasting Adoptions. They made me feel good knowing I could pick the family I wanted my child to be with. I chose a couple named Theresa and Jim. They were so happy because they had been waiting for a long time to become parents. Me being able to help them out was a blessing to us all. I don’t know how I could of did it without Everlasting Adoptions by my side.”

Thank you – Andrea