A last-minute, September birth! Welcome Kyla Lynne and Congratulations to Anne and Tory. A very special thank you to birthmother, Diana, as well, for making the decision to give her baby life!

Kyla Lynne was born on September 30, 2014, in California. She is now the beautiful and precious daughter of Anne and Tory. Ashlyn, Anne and Tory’s first daughter (also adopted), now has the sister she has been dreaming of. We know they will all share a beautiful life together.

Anne was adopted herself, and she met her birth family as an adult. She feels extremely fortunate to have them in her life now. Tory’s sister is adopted and Anne’s brother is also adopted. The joy of adoption is well known across their families. Life unfolds as it should, and what is meant to be, happens. Anne, Tory, Diana, Diana’s support group, the staff at Everlasting Adoptions, and the legal professionals representing both sides all pulled together in the 11th hour to bring a happy ending to Anne and Tory’s adoption journey.

In 6 short months from signing on with Everlasting, Anne and Tory adopted their little miracle! They first found out about birthmother, Diana, on 9-25-14, when Diana selected them, and Kyla Lynne was welcomed into the world on 9-30-14, just 5 days later.

Miracles DO Happen…….