An Everlasting Birthmother’s Story Posts

“The adoption process has been quite the journey. Looking at my baby girl and handing her to the parents who are to raise her should had been the hardest thing I ever had to do- and trust me it was, but it was so comfortable- I was so confidant in them and the life that my baby would have with them and especially in the relationship that I would continue to have with my daughter and her new parents- that even if I could not raise her, that she’d be given all of the resources to know me and that we could know one another from afar. Her new parents have exactly the outlook on adoption that I need and I couldn’t thank Carol and Everlasting Adoptions enough for facilitating the process. Carol really reached out to me and helped me to understand what I was looking for in a life for my daughter- without her guidance and support there’s no telling where we’d be today. Our lives are forever changed and I am forever grateful.”

All my best, Nicole