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I want to say so much about this agency, in particular, Carol Shepherd. I’ll start with how gratefull I am to have found her & the amazing couple that have been here for me since day 1. I went through several profiles on a few different adoption websites before finding this one. Not far into some of the profiles, I saw Jami & Ryan. Something about Jami’s face & smile made me read more. I called Carol for the 1st time that day. I asked about the couple that I was so drawn to. Carol, several times over the duration of my pregnancy, assured me that although difficult, my decision of giving a child up for adoption would be such a blessing to Jami & Ryan. If ever I felt sad, doubtful, or even excited, Carol never hesitated to comfort me. It’s been almost 4 years since I handed Jami & Ryan their daughter. I will forever have a place in the lives of everyone involved & without Carol @ Everlasting Adoptions, I would not be the Birth mom that I am so very proud to be. Thank you so much for making amazing connections in life. Here is a picture that shows just how good Carol made me feel about being a Birth mom. My adoption was an open one. Jami & Ryan have just recently told, Stella, our daughter, LOL, that I “grew” her for them. I hope this story reaches another Birth mom so that she can see what an awesome process & connection can become of what might seemingly be the hardest decision she will ever make!!!

With all my Love,
Thank You Carol.

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