5 Ways to Speed Up the Adoption Process Posts


Adopting a newborn can be a lengthy process, and sometimes take longer than we had hoped. While a speedy adoption can never be guaranteed, there are ways to help move the process along. All you need is an open mind and a proactive attitude.

1. Expand the Pool of Children You are Willing to Adopt

Having an open mind when it comes to race, ethnicity and the sex of your child will have a huge impact on placement/connection times. If you limit your options to just a baby boy or just a baby girl, it may take longer to find a birthmother, especially if they do not know the sex of the child until he or she is born. Restrictions on race could also affect placement and connection times. Ultimately, willingness to adopt any race or gender is the best way to ensure quicker connections.

Five ways to speed up the adoption process

2. Prepare for the Baby’s Arrival

While it may seem a bit silly to build a nursery or playhouse when you have yet to be connected with a birthmother, these advancements will prove beneficial in the long run. For starters, keeping busy on projects like nurseries, play rooms, playhouses and baby proofing the house can create the illusion that time is passing quicker. Along with that perk, preparing for your child’s arrival well in advance will 100% ensure your home will ready when the big day finally approaches – and once things get rolling, it will approach fast!

3. Complete the Home Study Sooner

The adoption home study in itself can be a lengthy ordeal. Sometimes it can even take up to several months to complete. For that reason, plan and carry out your adoption home study sooner rather than later. The completion of your home study could give you an upper hand with social workers, adoption agencies and birthmothers since they know you have already taken preliminary measures and shown you are committed to adoption. Additionally, once your home study is officially complete you can really start to plan the arrival of your child.

4. Get Your Legal Documents Ready

As soon as you decide to adopt, obtain certified copies of you and your spouse’s birth certificates, along with your marriage license and tax returns for the previous 5-7 years. Once adoptive parents are connected with a birthmother, the adoption process can move along rather quickly, so it is best to prepare ahead of time.

5. Explore the Idea of an Open Adoption

When first considering adoption, many adoptive parents only consider closed adoption because it is the only type of adoption which they are familiar. What many adoptive parents don’t know is that there are actually several types of adoption. Exploring all types of adoption is an important step in your adoption journey as they will all present completely different futures for you, the birthmother and the baby. What type you choose can also influence how quickly you are connected with a birthmother. There is an increasing trend in open adoptions or semi open adoptions, so choosing these types could speed up the placement time.

These are just suggestions on how to speed up the adoption process. Some may prove to be more successful than others, or you may wish to stick to your original plan. Whatever you choose, Everlasting Adoptions is here to support you throughout your entire adoption process.